Adoption Program

Adoption Program


The Happy Street Dogs Foundation shelter is home to many abandoned pets who have been discarded by their owners for various reasons. Moreover, desi puppies from the streets also make their way to us. So do kittens and cats. While the adoption team leaves no stone un-turned in striving to find homes for these babies, ADOPTION from shelter is still very low.


Adoptions are also made difficult by the fact that almost all abandoned pets come to us without any history either medical or behavioural. Some are dropped outside the shelter to the mercy of fate, some are brought in as patients to the clinic and left behind while everyone’s back is turned, some are dropped from moving cars and some are left on busy Delhi roads far from their homes so that they are not able to make their way back to their families and homes and are found & brought in by good Samaritans.


The shelter also rescues or receives many desi pups as orphaned, lost or sick/injured cases. Kittens are also left for the same reasons.


We firmly believe all these dogs belong in a home with a loving family.


The adoption program is able to rehome about 100 dogs every year and that is a very small number compared to the number of dogs abandoned or looking for homes.





The adoption team interacts, observes and understands the dogs at the shelter before they are put up for adoption. If a dog falls sick while under our care, we try and find foster homes for them to recover (or forever homes if they’re willing to take on and look after the dog). If we feel a dog needs special behaviour correction, we put the dog under care of dog behaviourist before adoption. We also try and find the right matches among the pets and the prospective homes.


Interested families are put through a house check/house visit, the main purpose for which is an address verification as well as an interactive session with the whole family to asses whether they are ready for a pet and to orient them if required. We firmly believe a pet should be a family commitment as the whole family’s support is necessary for the welfare of the pet.


Once an adoption goes through, the adoption team stays in touch with the family to counsel them and assists with any hiccups for a smooth transition and a successful adoption. House checks/house visits post adoption to ensure that the pet is well looked after is also part of the adoption process.


Another mandatory rule of Happy Street Dogs Foundation Adoption Program is the spay/neutering of adopted pets. Happy Street Dogs Foundation offers free sterilization of pets adopted from us. In case of puppies sterilization to be done post 6 months of age.





The adoption program is a huge and essential part of the functioning of Happy Street Dogs Foundation. The shelter takes in 8 dogs/pups/kittens per day on an average. Some of them go back to their territories post medical care but some of them stay back for many reasons. That means the shelter space is occupied by these permanent residents. 


We can only continue to take in more animals when some if not all of these animals find homes leaving behind space for new entries.



Most of the abandoned pets at the shelter are pure bred or pedigreed but have ended up at the shelter because they’ve become “too big”, “too energetic”, or because they are “too expensive to maintain”. Some others are abandoned because they have (easily curable) medical issues, and the families do not want to invest money or time on medical care.


Sadly, there is nothing wrong with these beautiful souls, and all they need is a big heart and a safe home to be the best pets in the world.


Also adopting pets from shelters not only saves a life but also helps in bringing down the puppy mills and breeders business. Most breeders use dogs as machines to produce pups, which they sell for profit. The females are forcibly bred one litter after another and they are kept in deplorable conditions; the females are then thrown out once they’re unable to produce pups. Happy Street Dogs Foundation receives a lot of breeder’s rejects in inhumane condition. Some come in the form of a bag of bones while others are “chronically depressed” after being separated from their pups too early or are suffering severe medical conditions due to being over bred.


Adopting an adult dog helps avoid the problems that come along with puppies – too much energy, teething and training. The biggest advantage of taking home an adult dog is that you know the temperament of the pet you are taking on. Adopting older/ senior dogs is even better for families who do not have time to exercise their pet or want a quiet dog.


We also promote and encourage the public to adopt desi pups. Desi (or the Indian Pariah) are extremely intelligent, strong, sturdy dogs, who are perfect for the Indian conditions. They are more adept at handling the extreme Indian weather, they rarely fall sick, and they’re very intelligent and highly trainable not to forget they make amazing guard dogs being suspicious by nature. It is wiser and practical to adopt a native dog than bringing in exotic breeds not suitable for our climate and environment.


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