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Cows have been considered sacred from time immemorial in the Indian subcontinent. But then cows are not just sacred. They were worshipped for the many uses they provide to mankind. Whether they are alive or dead, they serve many purposes. Cow’s milk is still considered as the best alternative to mother’s milk and cow dung provides you a natural solution to produce natural gas for domestic purposes.

Despite being very useful, sometimes our most revered cows also get affected by different illnesses. And taking care of them requires a lot of professional knowledge and experience. At Kamadhenu Mangal Parivar, they thrive to provide the best facilities for both cows at homes and the ones which are homeless in equal fervor.

It is not just the natural diseases that are plaguing these revered animals. Some of them are also ill treated or malnourished, due to the negligence and cruelty of some human beings. They are exploited badly by humans for their own selfish purposes. Cows are injected with hormones to increase their milk supply but are not fed properly leaving them to scrounge for food in the garbage dumps. Eating unhealthy food causes their early demise. Also, some are cruel enough to kill them mercilessly for their meat and skin.

At Kamadhenu Mangal Parivar, they try hard to make the life easy for our beloved cows and other cattle. Their task simply does not end with providing them treatment but they also ensure that the homeless cows and cattle are taken care of properly and are checked periodically by certified doctors. They also have a 24 hour ambulance service which can attend to any ill cows or cattle. The ambulance is accompanied by a certified and skilled doctor.


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