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As PETA India’s director of veterinary affairs – a position Valliyate, who completed his education in veterinary science at Kerala Agricultural University, has held for the past seven years– he has already chalked up some of the organization’s greatest victories. This includes getting the live embalming of calves banned in veterinary education;encouraging the central Department of Animal Husbandry to issue a circular to animal husbandry directors in all states and union territories stating that cattle must be given anesthetics prior to castration; stopping illegal bullock cart races in which the animals are commonly hit with nail-studded sticks; replacing the bullocks who hauled heavy kerosene oil carts through Mumbai streets with motorised transportrescuing several once-chained elephants from lives of loneliness in temples; removing numerous lame and injured horses from the abusive Victoria carriage trade; and much more. His expert testimony and reports have helped PETA India win numerous court cases that have helped prevent suffering to animals nation-wide, including the landmark 2014 Supreme Court judgement that banned jallikattu (later permitted in Tamil Nadu, which PETA India is committed to challenging in court), bullock cart races, and other uses of bulls in performances.

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