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Have you ever thought what life would be like if we did not have animals in India ?

             Without earthworms, the soil would deteriorate.

             Without butterflies, flowers would disappear.

             Without monkeys and birds, many forest trees would vanish.

             Without turtles, our waters would become polluted.

             Without vultures, carcasses would rot in the fields.

             Without bullocks, transport costs would soar.

             Without donkeys, there would be no mining or construction.

             Without camels, life in the desert would come to a halt.

             Without tigers, forests would be cut faster for fuel.

And without forests, there would be no rain, no rivers and eventually no life.

Smt. Maneka Sanjay Gandhi Each and every species from the bees to the bears forms a protective shield for human life. The quality of our lives depends on them. When we eat them, exploit them, interfere with natural patterns by breeding one kind and killing another, we destroy our own lives. As each species disappears, so does the future of our children.

You can help, you can help us to help. You can form part of the magic circle of love around all life.

People for Animals works to create a kinder, gentler world for all. Formed in 1994, it has transformed animal welfare into an assertive, effective movement across the country. Our members include lawyers, film stars, business leaders, bureaucrats, teachers and students. Our units span the country. Our work ranges from running shelters and ambulances to petitioning and lobbying, training animal owners and police, producing information material and programmes and fund-raising. We have won victories for animals in Court, in Parliament and on the streets - in research laboratories, racecourses, temples, circuses and zoos.

PFA has come to be regarded as one of the strongest animal groups in the world. Recently, when the world's first International Animal Welfare Directory was complied, its UK publishers invited PFA to write the foreword. At home, in 2001 the first Padma Shri Award has gone to a PFA member, Dr. Norma Alvares.

Humans cannot exist without animals. Yet we create a world in which they are abused and misused. Let us recognize the partnership between us and further it for the good of all animals - both on two legs and four.

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